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Victory House, New Jersey

  The Seat of Victors - Preaching Christ & Caring for souls

The goals of this group can be summarized as follows:

  1. To empower and equip members to become godly Christian and leaders
  2. They submit totally to God their resources for the Kingdom business
  3. They work together to build a strong foundation for their Christian faith and secular careers
  4. They participate and pursue vigorously evangelism to reach the un-churched and unreached
  5. They strive to rebuild and to restore backsliders, back to Christ!
  6. They serve as role model in modesty, holiness and Keeping God real in their lives.

VHP Young Adult / Youth Ministry is a dynamic, inspiring and God’s focus group. The main objective of this group is to bring together like minded those that aspiring to seek God in holiness and purity and to pursue excellence in all that they do for God and His kingdom. Their goal is to make every young adult in our society to come to the knowledge of God through their life style. They pursue evangelism vigorously through various activities within and outside the boundary of the church.

The Dynamic Youth ministers to all members from 19 years old and above. They organize events that focus on developing lives and relationships and catering for the needs of our society and this generation.

Young Adult Ministry

Young Adult Ministry