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Victory House, New Jersey

  The Seat of Victors - Preaching Christ & Caring for souls

Teenage Ministry

The Teenage ministry is from 14 to 19 and they are called The Chosen Generation (TCG). This group participate in various activities in the church, they gather to have their Sunday school, weekend activity, prayer, evangelism, drama and some sporting events. This is a dynamic group in the church and some of the members in this group are represented in various departments ranging from ushering, protocol, instrumentalist, choir etc. The Chosen Generation are seriously in love with Christ and His kingdom. They are battle axes in God’s hands. They carry the Gospel far and near to reach the unreached in the society. Minister and leaders of this group is equipped to engage them in a profitable kingdom business while encourage to be who they are while resisting peer-pressure at all cost.

This group of children transition smoothly to Teenage ministry which is still under children ministry.

Objective and Goal

VHP’s goal is to foster and nurture in each child a desire to discover God and Jesus Christ in a meaningful, real and personal way based on fundamental truths from the bible. We want to ensure that these children learn and grow to love God and one another in a comfortable environment. We strive to provide a safe, positive and age appropriate learning environment that is free of fear and prejudice where we hope they will eventually come to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Our Children's ministry also prepares the children to discover their uniqueness and subsequently God’s purpose for their lives.

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The second group of children ministry is from age 3 to 13 years are care and cater for in their own classroom. This group of children begins to learn, read, study and demonstrate the Godly character of the Biblical character in the Bible such as David, Joshua, and Gideon etc. They engage this group with dramatization of biblical characters, involve in singing and many other activities. 

Children Ministry is a ministry that caters and ministers to VHP children from 3 months to below 13 years. Children from 2 months to 2 years are ministers to in a separate classroom. The purpose of this arrangement allows the parents to fellowship in the main church without worry about their children and for the children to be engaged in a meaningful way, nurture in the way of the Lord. Teachers in this class entrusted the responsibility of raising these in an atmosphere of love, kindness and joy while learning to interact with one another at an early age. These children when they turn three transition to the next group.

Children Ministry​

Children Ministry