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Women's Ministry

The Glorious Women Ministry of Victory House New Jersey (VHP) is a group that comprises of all women in the church. The purpose of VHP Women Ministry is to Glorify God through fellowship in prayer, worship and the study of the scriptures. We believe this will build up the women of God bringing them into a more intimate relationship with Jesus as our Lord and Savior. This enables our women to grow in the knowledge of Christ and to fulfill their respective responsibilities to their family, church and community. 
The VHP women ministry invloves in various activities including reaching out and minister to all women by embracing, accepting, and loving them where they are regardless of their background. The VHP Women’s Ministry is dedicated to developing our women into becoming women of virtue. Every woman is encouraged to put God first by emphasizing her personal relationship with God. This is done through our Bi-monthly meetings Fellowship, Bible Study, Workshops, Conferences, Retreats and other special events that minister to the woman of God. 

For more information, please contact the VHP Women Leader at or call (215) 873-7325

Women's Ministry

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